The Hmm @ De Ruimte
Wed Oct 4 at 20:30

This month we’re diving into bodycams, body politics, augmenting your body and more. We’re touching down at De Ruimte, one of the finest establishments of Amsterdam Noord. Scroll down to find out what you can expect from us this month. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter: we’ll send you a little reminder when October 4th’s around the corner.


AiRich’s work is a fusion of futurism, Afropunk, surrealism, fantasy and psychedelic art. Find out tonight what it means to be the bridge between “the Past”, “the Now” and “the Future”. (This presentation will be in Dutch) Link

Rejo Zenger
The police and body cams: what could go wrong? The oldest sightings of Dutch police officers outfitted with a ‘bobbycam’ date back twenty years, but the Dutch police didn’t officially start using body cams until eight years ago. Even now, there’s no official policy as to how they should and shouldn’t be used. Tonight Rejo will bring you up to speed on his research into the use of body cams by the Dutch police. Link

Esmay Wagemans
We design robots to look like humans, and alter and augment our own bodies to incorporate more and more technology. For her graduation project New Humanity, Esmay considered the incessant question: what does it mean to be human? Link

The NetAidKit is an open source project by Free Press Unlimited, the Internet Protection Lab and Radically Open Security. Menso Heus, expert in internet security at Free Press Unlimited, will not only tell you how you can use this USB-powered router to increase your privacy and beat online censorship, but why it’s so important. Link

Julia Veldman
There’s a sub-genre of beauty tutorials called ‘going blonde’. While shining a light on the tropes of the format and how it relates to those other prominent peroxide figures in today’s mediascape (ahum, populist politicians), Julia Veldman asks herself: “what does it mean to be a professional?”. Link

Benedikt Wöppel
Tarot is more than just fortune telling. Tarot can be used as a method to reflect on mental states by reading symbols, words and images. Artist and designer Benedikt Wöppel is currently developing a card deck based on this method, using the terms and expressions of today’s media. Link

Marieke Nooren
The Smartphone Orchestra is an orchestra in which anywhere from ten to thousands of smartphones are synchronised to potentially form the biggest orchestra in the world. The technology opens up numerous possibilities to tell stories or share experiences with mass audiences. Link

Tessel Brühl
From her self-built castle in the sky, Super Tessel works on a new world. A world made of spandex that stretches reality to its limits and makes dreams wearable. After her “stay fishy” clothing collection in 2015, she’s now researching how to become a super hero without turning into an object. Link

Jan Pieter Kaptein
Jan Pieter rethought the iconic Canta, a symbol if there is one of Amsterdam-Noord, adding parts to give the microcar new functions such as a one-person taxi, a food truck and community announcer. Link

Date: Wednesday 4 October 2017
Time: Doors open at 20:00, we start at 20:30
Location: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83 Amsterdam-Noord
Tickets: €8 (only available at the door)