The Hmm x BAUT
Wed March 28 at 20:00

Join us for the first The Hmm of 2018! Visual artist Heleen Blanken is putting together the program with us, and we’re being hosted by pop-up restaurant BAUT at their new location in a former chapel/dance school. Join us for 10 speakers x 5 minutes and find out what our social media accounts say about us, what architecture means -or could mean- to us, and we’ll introduce you to a very curious internetter…

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Roel Maalderink: The future of television
Roel is the face of the YouTube-channel “Voxpop” and the online video series “Roel in de regio” ( He also works for De Speld and is a reporter for Avrotros. In a recent interview with the VPROgids he spoke about the future of television, watching Ali G as therapy, and why we need more experiment on TV. We liked the sound of that, so we invited him to share his thoughts on the future of television with us. Link

Ruben van de Ven: Emotion Recognition Software
Facial recognition software is booming. You can use it to recognise people in pictures (Facebook), identify registered drivers (Uber), keep a tally of churchgoers (Churchix), find people online who you’ve seen in the physical world (FindFace), analyse emotions (Microsoft) and if you really want to go all out you can use it to profile someone’s personality (Faception). Ruben’s work explores expression analysis technologies and the assumptions that underlie it. In particular, tonight he’ll be speaking about what it means to digitize emotions into 38% surprised or 52% joyful. Link

Arna Mačkić: How architecture shapes our imaginaries
Arna heads the Architectural Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and is one half of Studio L A, which was last year awarded the Maaskant Prize for Young Architects. Arna’s work often relates to the subject of collective memory and more in particular deals with the role of architecture in the creation of inclusive cities. Her book Mortal Cities & Forgotten Monuments, for instance, explores the cultural heritage of former Yugoslavia and new ways of rebuilding destroyed cities. Link

Katerina Gaidamaka: Aesthetics of the New East
“The new east in contemporary visual culture is not a reflection of a real space but more a multi-layered myth. It’s linked to photographic representations of post-Soviet cities and Nineties aesthetics and built on various iconic images.” Tonight we’ll dive behind the myth with visual artist Katerina Gaidamaka.

Leendert Sonnevelt: Attention as currency
In what seems like a heartbeat Glamcult Magazine became the leading force in independent, trend-defying, adventurous, bold, nonconformist publishing. Tonight Glamcult’s editor-in-chief, Leendert, will talk about what it means to curate visual culture in 2018. Link

Dong bin Han: “face-unidentified”
Looking at the faces available to him through the Emoji-alphabet, Dong bin started imagining the emoji-maker as a hunter, capturing emotions in “face_positive”, “face_neutral”, “face_negative” etc. Feeling these categories weren’t sufficient, and resisting being trapped and defined by the Unicode Consortium, Dong bin set out to create a sub-group of face-emoji called “face-unidentified”.

Kate Imbach: What does what we share say about us?
Kate is a writer and journalist who became widely known for her analysis of Melania Trump’s Instagram-account. In the series “Social spy” (Financieele Dagblad) she analyses the social media accounts of public figures. What story do their pictures tell? Link

Juhee Hahm: Can fake reality become reality?
A recurring question in Juhee’s work is: ‘What does space mean?’ In Korean, the literal translation is ‘between emptiness’. By mixing symbols, Juhee creates a mixed spatial experience between digital and physical space. Link

Tim Mooij-Knip: Goof’s world
Tim is a portrait photographer and a punk-rock drummer. He stumbled upon one of the most curious homepages on the internet and covertly turned it into a book. He will tell you more about his obsession with one unknown man’s mission to create The List Of All Things. Please keep it a secret. Link

Ruben Baart: What’s new in Next Nature
Ruben has a degree in Visual Strategy from the Sandberg Institute and works as an editor for Next Nature Network. His interest in new tech, digital utopias and hybrid design, means he’s always on the lookout for next nature related topics and themes. Find out what he’s into this month.

Nicky Assmann: Kinesis
Nicky is part of the Macular Art Collective and part of the curatorial team of Sonic Acts. As an artist she operates at the cross-sections of art, technology, science and perception. Tonight we’ll explore her new kinetic light installation ‘The Abysses of the Scorching Sun’. Link

Date: Wednesday 28 March
Time: Doors open at 20:00, we start at 20:30
Location: BAUT, Spaarndammerstraat 460, Amsterdam
Tickets: €8 (only available at the door)