The Hmm x Melkweg: Operation GIF
Wednesday May 30 at 20:00

Melkweg invited us to organize a mini The Hmm during the gif-festival: Operation GIF. This old fashioned and compressed image format remains extremely popular and has become something of an internet art form. Join us for 5 speakers exploring various aspects of this folklore medium, each in 5 minutes.

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Bart Luppes
Gifs used on social media to answer questions or remark on statements are called ‘reaction gifs’. Bart Luppes, super social at NOS, is an expert in finding the right gifs for the right moments. Tonight he’ll share his favorites.


Kolbrún Póra Löve

The Icelandic artist Kolbrún has a longstanding obsession with gifs, which is based on their fascinating yet contradictory nature as entities that can only be constant by perpetually changing. Gifs are the embodiment of objects that are ungraspable. We can consume them, watch them loop, but they’re always just out of reach. Tonight, Kolbrún shows how she uses the medium gif in her own work. Link

Willem Sjoerd van Vliet
Cats are still the royal warrent for gifs, but don’t underestimate the pizza! At The Hmm self-proclaimed gif-connoisseur (and podcast maker) Willem Sjoerd van Vliet dives into this pizza-gif niche. Expect the simpsons-spoof-pizza.gif or the infinity-pizza.gif and make sure you join us with a full stomach. Link


Daniel Samama & Vincent Seeber
A few years ago Vincent Seeber and Daniel Samama worked for the same advertising agency, and to make office days more fun they started to send each other nice gifs. After a while there was such a large ‘nice gif’ collection that they thought: we should make an exhibition. In 2016, they made the first Dutch gif exhibition with 50 of their most favourite gifs. Tonight they’ll share 20 of them!


Julia Veldman
In her 5-minute talk, illustrator Julia Veldman will connect the revival of the zombie-creature (2 or 3 years ago) with the declining of social mobility. Do you want to know how? And how you can recognize a real zombie? Join us! Link



We finish the night with a performance by Stippenlift! He will play his lighthearted songs on the heaviness of life along with his favorite GIFs. Check out his latest music video (which is actually made by our guest programmers at The Hmm at Het Nieuwe Instituut: Vormlust!

Date: Wednesday 30 May
Time:  20:00
Location: Melkweg
Tickets: €9,10 (Get your tickets here)