The Hmm x Stimuleringsfonds @ Dutch Design Week
Tue Oct 23 at 15:00, Veemgebouw

During Dutch Design Week we organize a special The Hmm event in collaboration with the Creative Industry Fund. The event is by invitation only. Do you want to join? Please send us an e-mail.

It’s one year since 24 talented makers from the fields of architecture, design and digital culture, received a Talent Development grant from the Creative Industry Fund to develop their work and practice. All eyes are on them and their eyes are glued to the future. The Hmm will take the talents, the audience, and eight special guests on an exploration into growth during an interactive afternoon session on 23 October. Every lifetime is marked by events and decisions big and small that only in retrospect form a path. What does growth mean in the context of the creative industry? Can we quantify progress? And how do we recover from growing pains? The afternoon is also the launch of the new Talent Platform, in which the Creative Industries Fund NL will present an overview of five years of Talent Development.

Talks by the following guests will be a starting point for discussion:


JeanPaul Paula
JeanPaul Paula is a fashion stylist, creative director, judge on Holland’s Next Top Model and activist. He uses his platforms to fight against institutional racism and for LGBTQIA+ rights. And that is badly needed. As he said in an interview with i-D last year: “We haven’t even started.” Link

Constant Dullaart
Constant Dullaart’s work often exposes the technology and commerce that informs much of (online) modern visual culture. He has drawn attention to the increasing value we afford social media, and in 2015 he Kickstarted his own tech company Dulltech™, which can be read as a reaction to art that is increasingly seen as a ‘creative industry’. Link

Casco Art Institute
Anyone in proximity to the global market place is working within a regime of productivity, where busyness can be seen as a mantra that sustains the pressure-cooker practices of capitalist business. In her presentation, Yolande van der Heide of Casco Art Institute will explain why it is so important to unlearn busyness and how art practice can help. Link

MacGuffin Magazine
Ernst van der Hoeven and Kirsten Algera are editors-in-chief of MacGuffin, a magazine celebrating things: inspiring, personal, unexpected, highly familiar and utterly disregarded things. A thing that has a particular meaning to them, because they’ve frequently had to deal with it over the past years, is the award. What’s the point of awards? Is winning one a good thing? Link

Barend Koolhaas
As a painter, you only need a bit of paint and a canvas to make a work. But what do you need in order to make a big sculpture or building? As an architect, Barend Koolhaas is all too familiar with this question. He recently finished a new building for an art space called EENWERK and renovated the workspace of designer Irma Boon. Today, he will share some difficulties and challenges that accompany big projects like this. Link

Ubi de Feo
Ubi de Feo describes himself as a Hybrid Designer and curious human being. He hand-solders tiny electronic components onto the tiniest circuit boards, and experiments with 3d printing and traditional crafting techniques to develop digital projects for brands and product design studios. In his spare time he watches YouTube videos about making fire and foraging in order to improve his survival skills. Find out how Ubi’s fascinations inform his work. Link

What is the role of the designer and how does it change when design and manufacturing become increasingly more digitized? Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen approach these questions in their design practice. Combining craft and traditional tools, they’re always questioning the classical division between designer, producer and consumer. Link

Manique Hendricks
In 2016 the Ice Cream Museum opened in New York. Instead of showing art, the museum provides its visitors with grammable backdrops such as banana wallpaper and a bath filled with sprinkles. More traditional museums have also started creating selfie areas. There’s no denying it: Instagram has a huge impact on visual culture. That’s why we asked art historian and curator Manique Hendricks to show us which art works well on Instagram. What should you make in order to get more followers? Link

Date: Tuesday October 23
Time: Doors open at 14:30, program: 15:00-18:00
Location: Veemgebouw | Floor 2, Torenallee 36, Eindhoven
Tickets: Free, reservation required