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The Hmm is an inclusive platform for internet cultures. Through real-life events, online editorials, expert advice, and educational programs, we reflect on peopleโ€™s online behavior, the latest internet trends, and the mechanisms behind Big Tech companies and their impact on society.

Dossier 2: Deepfakes

While deepfakes are often seen as a threat to our political systems, 96% of all existing deepfakes online are actually porn. In this online dossier, we’ll dive into the world of deepfakes with a feminist perspective on deepfake porn; a tracing of the historical entanglements between porn and technology; a speculative visual exploration on deepfakes in our near-future; our favourite deepfake videos, must-read articles and podcasts; and all the tools you need to detect the latest deepfake. Also, what did we learn during our event The Hmm ON deepfakes?

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