The Hmm is a platform for internet cultures, founded by Evelyn Austin and Lilian Stolk in 2016. We’re based in Amsterdam and there are plenty of ways to get involved. Do you want to share your fascination with the internet during one of our events? Do you want to become our Instagram Story reporter? Or do you want to volunteer for us? Get in touch via info [at] thehmm [dot] nl

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Lilian Stolk β€” General director β€” πŸ“§ lilian [at] thehmm [dot] nl

Margarita Osipian β€” Programmer and editor β€” πŸ“§ margarita [at] thehmm [dot] nl

Carolina Pinto β€” Acting programmer and editor β€” πŸ“§ carolina [at] thehmm [dot] nl

Sjef van Beers β€” Programmer β€” πŸ“§ sjef [at] thehmm [dot] nl

Hahae Son β€” Head of marketing & communications β€” πŸ“§ hahae [at] thehmm [dot] nl

Eva van Boxtel β€” Image editor and communications β€” πŸ“§ eva [at] thehmm [dot] nl

Guus Hoeberechts β€” Programmer and editor β€” πŸ“§ guus [at] thehmm [dot] nl

Marco Wessel β€” Technician


Aymeric Mansoux
Roosje Klap
Sabrina Simons


Our 2023 program is kindly supported by the Creative Industry Fund and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten. Most of our hybrid experiments this year are made possible in part by the Innovatielabs programme, which gives an impulse to new resilience in the cultural and creative sector. This program is carried out by the Creative Industries Fund NL and CLICKNL on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


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Livestream Website

You can find our livestream website, through which we host live events and where we archive documentation of past events, at

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Development: Karl Moubarak

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