We are looking for a (production) intern!

Online culture is an extraordinary outlet for strange subcultures, experimental projects, network solidarity, and an absurdly large library of obscure knowledge and specialised resources. Our activities contribute to a better understanding of internet and digital culture and its social design, and provides our audience with tools to engage critically with the world around them.

We’re a team of 5, mostly working parttime and partly remote. This September till December we would like to welcome a production intern to this team for ±4 days a week. Because we are a small team, your work will be very diverse. Among your activities will be:

  • helping with production and communication for our event The Hmm ON the Creator Economy, at the Youseum in Amsterdam;
  • helping with the production, communication and research for our event The Hmm ON the Metaverse (working title), which will take place during Dutch Design Week this October, including a dance party!;
  • interacting with our community on Discord.

We can offer a monthly fee of €300 (for ±4 days a week).
Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to lilian@thehmm.nl.