Dossier 15: The Perfect Feed

The Perfect Feed workshop results

Our event The Hmm ON The Perfect Feed consisted of a workshop developed with Soyun Park and Leo Scarin of RGBdog. We organised it at three locations in The Hague, Arnhem and Amsterdam. Participants of the workshop were asked to speculate about what a Perfect Feed would be like for them and to then make a visualisation of this. This resulted in a number of mockups and sketches, some of which are alterations to existing feeds or the ways to control them, others are entirely new feeds. Here is a selection of their creations:

Wei-Ying Drubbel – Performance Mode for Instagram

Adding a Performance Mode to Instagram where you choose what type of content you want to see with a recommendation system you can control yourself, to customise your own experience online.

Taeyoung Choi & Soo Kim – Infocean

A feed where you surf consciously through related content, with an escape button.


Multiple feeds from multiple perspectives.

Katharina Nejdl – The Slow Scroll

Instead of a fast-scrolled feed, this feed can only be scrolled incredibly slow. You really have to work for it. (The visualisation above is a working website, not an image, so try scrolling for yourself!)

Niels Nicola

A quick exploration of how you can steer the Instagram algorithm into desired behaviour in the shape of a YouTube tutorial video.

Milos Rakovic

Soyoon Cha

A filter function for Instagram’s Explore page.



The Perfect Feed digitally represented as a physical space, inspired by Y2K online games for girls.

Hyosun Kim – DisLike

Just one image, one you probably won’t like.

Hahae Son

Sjef van Beers – Following Priority

Adjust the priority of the accounts you follow by hand.