Latest Past Events

Ask Us Anything: Hotline on AI Advice

IDFA Vondelpark Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam

What data is being used to train ChatGPT? Is AI really coming for your job? And how does DALL·E know how to paint? The Hmm Hotline is here, to answer all your questions, speculations, or anxieties regarding AI. Join us during our live radio show, where a panel of experts—from artists to philosophers to researchers—willRead More

Workshop: Meet Your Stochastic Sloth

IDFA Vondelpark Vondelpark 3, Amsterdam

A number of newspapers are currently negotiating with Open AI to license the use of their articles. Their news stories have been used for years to train services like ChatGPT, as AI tools like these need a lot of input “to learn” how to formulate language. But how does an AI chatbot actually learn? ARead More

The Hmm @ REBOOT

Het Nieuwe Instituut Museumpark 25, Rotterdam

With The Hmm we're often looking at the latest developments and trends in internet culture. But for tonight's event we're going to take a look back at digital art and how the internet has shaped culture from the 1960s until today. The Hmm @ REBOOT brings together eight artists, designers and researchers across generations, whoRead More