Latest Past Events

The Hmm ON The Perfect Feed

The Hmm is celebrating liberatory internet usages, empowering users to take back their online and offline autonomies. With this in mind, we would like to ask: What do you want to see on your feed? Our social media feeds have changed quite a lot over the past 15 years. What started out as updates ofRead More

The Hmm @ De Blokhuispoort

Join us at The Hmm @ De Blokhuispoort, an evening on what happens in different corners of the Internet, and how some users in and around the Friesland region approach the web. During this event we’ll be joined by eight artists, researchers, and makers who will take us through their online interests and practices, rangingRead More

The Hmm @ Extrapool

Extrapool Tweede Walstraat 5, Nijmegen

During this event we'll be joined by eight researchers, artists, designers, and makers who will take us through their digital worlds and their intersections and interactions with internet culture. We're excited to have philosopher of science, educator and researcher Sabine Winters helping us put together a powerful program for this night. Sabine is the founderRead More