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These are the images you have to see in November 2019

Artist Nora Welgraven (aka Yung Nora) uses humour and absurdism to deal with expectations, clichés, and stereotyping in society. She rejects political correctness and creates a character that tries to free themselves from the norm of being a woman and the cultural prejudices and stereotypes that come with it. Nora showed us her Internet in November. These are the images she encountered and she’d like to share with you.

“I love watching ‘De Slimste Mens’, because I’m smart you know. I totally agree with Ome Omar and Annabel Nanninga!! Ancient Art is so “vet”, maybe we can make a rap about this Omar??!! It could be the new favorite song of the drerries vd buurt ? I went to art school for four years and was so tired of people telling about their concept and shit. I just don’t get it ? Lucky me, I do have a skill. Hear hear! ArtEZ has this great teacher named Bertoldo di Giovanni. Maybe you can do an admission Omar.”

“I love watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ because I feel so smart looking at them. Actually I think Kloé should take an art class. If I were Jeff Koons I would feel very offended ? Last week my mom had this meeting with Margriet ??, she is the sister of the friend of the neighbour of my brother’s best friend and she had never heard of Yung Nora. My mom yelled at her “Don’t you know Yung Nora?!” Pfff I would totally art shame her if I wasn’t so busy taking an art class with my BFF Kris Jenner. I would have known.??‍?”

“I think it’s important to speak up about what’s happening in the world if you have a platform that reaches a lot of people. These are fragments from the documentary ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ (2013) made by Jan Beddegenoodts. The documentary shows two separated worlds. The Palestinians are demonstrating every Friday and the Israeli living in their bubble with swimming pool. I would like to quote Arjan el Fassed on his book ‘Niet Iedereen Kan Stenen Gooien’: “Ja, ik ben subjectief. Daar waar onrecht is, kan ik niet neutraal zijn. Elke geschiedenis is een keuze tussen feiten. Sommige mensen beweren dat ze objectief zijn. Dat is erger. Schrijvers kunnen beter expliciet zeggen wat hun waarden zijn, waarover ze willen schrijven, wat hun achtergrond is en wat voor hen belangrijk is. De lezers zijn dan gewaarschuwd.”” (You can watch this documentary for free)

“I want to tell you something about my artistic process. ?‍? This hilarious video went viral last summer. ? I saw it passing by on the Facebookgroup Fadim’s Beautyspace. I use this group a lot while making an official Yung Nora video clip. This ‘Kijken je tank’ fragment would be very suitable for my videos. Fashion plays a major role in the Moroccan Dutch community. ? In this video you see an exaggeration and that’s what makes it funny and valuable for me. It shows a stereotype and by enlarging this stereotype it becomes ironic. Five months ago rappers SXTEEN and Mula B made a song inspired by the Live Video. Enjoy!?”