TikTok: Copycat Culture as the New Cool

An essay by Linda Duits. Linda dives into the world of TikTok. She emerged with insights on the shifting definition of cool, copycat culture, and the transfer of global power.

A User’s Guide to Not Getting Used

An essay by Anna Reutinger. Anna offers tips and tricks to bypass the digital detox, subvert functionality, mess with your data, and shift power back to the user.

Before you were here

An essay by Menso Heus. Menso scoured the archives of wwwtext. org and textfiles.com to show that many of today’s most divisive topics were already being actively debated decades before.

Double tapping on the white walls of the museum

An essay by Manique Hendricks. Manique shares her views on the ways in which museums and their visitors make use of Instagram and the impact this growing social media platform has on the art world.