What are the causes and impacts of the domination of US tech companies around the world?

Internet in “the rest of the world”

When things are written about internet culture, especially when written in English, it is often about trends, platforms or tools that are used and developed in North America or Europe. In this article Lilian Stolk explores the internet in “the rest of the world”.

An imperfect digital world

Multidisciplinary artist Ibiye Camp shares her work ‘Data, the New Black Gold’ which explores how data has materialised in the West African landscape.

A seat at the table

Margarita Osipian interviews Neema Iyer about gender, equitable internet access, and how to improve data governance across African countries.

Resisting Algorithmic Colonialism

A list of initiatives that are developing tools specifically for the African continent or raise awareness of the adoption of Western technologies.