Generative Pre-trained Transforming life and work

What can we do with ChatGPT? The internet seems flooded with possibilities. We asked a few (anonymous) users how they have benefitted from this latest digital tool.… Read More

Machine anxiety, Tabis and why I should close TikTok (but don鈥檛)

Mariana Fern谩ndez Mora reflects on her relationship to technology, co-writing her thesis with AI, and surviving and thriving in a machine-saturated world.… Read More

About Mariana: Mariana Fernandez is an artist, writer, researcher, feminist and the current editor and communications person at ARIAS. Her practice intersects the fields of performance, linguistics, and technology. She is fascinated by fictional archives, piles of stuff, hedges, memes, guinea pigs, and PowerPoints. In her book 鈥淒ear Machines鈥, she explores the potential of natural language processors as companions and co-writers, wondering about authorship, notions of digital kinship, and her own relationship to machines. Currently, she is focused on researching A.I., language and our intimate and sometimes problematic relationship with technology. She is part of the Sandberg A.I. research group, Visual Methodologies at the HvA, founder of the feminist research collective 鈥淐OVEN鈥, and she leads the A.I. thematic line at ARIAS Amsterdam. In her spare time, she plots revolutions, plays tennis, and makes critical commentary about reality tv, which she loves.

Moving towards the metabody

An understanding of your body and its movements is vital for a connection with it. How do we move in the metaverse? … Read More

Manual: how to create your avatar for the Metaverses Cha-Cha-Cha dance-party!

On 27 October 2022 The Hmm, affect lab and MU are organising the Metaverses Cha-Cha-Cha dance party at MU in Eindhoven and online. You’ll dance your way into a newRead More

Designing an inclusive internet: 6 considerations for the near future

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A change of tone: Social media and mental health

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The Googlization of Health: Privacy in the age of Big Tech

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Adding up the numbers

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Paradise: life inside a fanbase

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