Internet in “the rest of the world”

When things are written about internet culture, especially when written in English, it is often about trends, platforms or tools that are used and developed in North America or Europe. In this article Lilian Stolk explores the internet in “the rest of the world”.

Resisting Algorithmic Colonialism

A list of initiatives that are developing tools specifically for the African continent or raise awareness of the adoption of Western technologies.


Can alternative platforms fix the internet?

Mastodon explained

During The Hmm ON Alternative Platforms Roel Roscam Abbing & Aymeric Mansoux told us about Mastodon, on Mastodon.


How does TikTok re-write the world?

The Gazing Machine

Lilian Stolk diving into TikTok’s machine learning recommendation algorithm.


What makes Facebook so powerful?

The Family Man as CEO: Mark Zuckerberg Instagram Analysis

In this article writer Kate Imbach analyses Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram account.

Kate Imbach is an American writer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her work has appeared in Quartz, The Toronto Star, FD Persoonlijk and many other publications. Previously, she worked at a number of technology startups in Boston and Silicon Valley.  She completed a Master’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the New York University Writer’s Workshop in Paris in 2019. 

Thanks to Facebook…

An article that highlights the potential of Facebook’s platforms, including interviews with Lisa Gliederpuppe, The Kissenger Twins and an analysis of @calloutdutchartinstitutions


What does the increase in the use of facial recognition systems mean for our society?


How has the role of the internet changed in this time of self isolation?