Generative Pre-trained Transforming life and work

What can we do with ChatGPT? The internet seems flooded with possibilities. We asked a few (anonymous) users how they have benefitted from this latest digital tool.… Read More

AI and the Changing Landscape of Work

In this interview with Babusi Nyoni we talk about how AI is changing the landscape of labour. … Read More

Job Opening for Communication (16 hours a week)

(Scroll down to read the vacancy in Dutch) The Hmm is a platform for internet and digital cultures. Through events, online research dossiers, and educational programmes, we reflect on people’sRead More


The metaverse is on everyone’s minds, but what kind of metaverse do we really want to bring into being? … Read More

Architectures to Host the Metaverse: An interview with Marina Otero Verzier

Margarita Osipian interviews Marina Otero Verzier about how we can reimagine the metaverse, it鈥檚 architectural underpinnings, and it鈥檚 potentialities.… Read More

Inside the Metaverse Experiments of Babusi Nyoni

Sjef van Beers interviews Babusi Nyoni about his experiments creating a decentralised metaverse. … Read More

Moving towards the metabody

An understanding of your body and its movements is vital for a connection with it. How do we move in the metaverse? … Read More

Language Processing: An AI generated glossary for the metaverse

An AI-generated glossary that unpacks all the metaverse-esque terminology in our digital vocabulary. … Read More

Instructions for The Hmm IN Gaming Spaces

We’re excited to have you joining for聽The Hmm IN Gaming Spaces on Wednesday. 侃(鈼曗库棔銆)鄱聽During this tour we’ll explore the social impact, possibilities, and power of gaming spaces by touring differentRead More

Manual: how to create your avatar for the Metaverses Cha-Cha-Cha dance-party!

On 27 October 2022 The Hmm, affect lab and MU are organising the Metaverses Cha-Cha-Cha dance party at MU in Eindhoven and online. You’ll dance your way into a newRead More


What are the consequences of being financially dependent on creating content on social media for both the people and the content in this ecosystem? … Read More

The rules for influencers in the updated Media Act

The Dutch Media Authority explain how they implement regulations and oversee media broadcasters and providers.… Read More

Models for culture producer communities

Jak Ritger shares models that define the digital cultural economy and the production systems underpinning it. … Read More

Jak Ritger is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and activist based in Allston, Massachusetts. Ritger鈥檚 practice uses photography to expose hidden structures underneath the built environment and systems of power shaping everyday life. Working within online art and politics collectives, Ritger uses data-visualization, drawing and essay writing to model emerging social patterns and information flows. As an organizer, he works to catalyze digitally distributed collective art and discourse projects, such as, CODEX NM Y2K20, a compendium of the first year of the Covid-19 鈥渟yndemic鈥, as seen through the NEW MODELS discord group. Find his published writing at Do Not Research and NEW MODELS.

Behind the scenes of the creator economy with Cesar Majorana

Cesar shares his own experience with the creator economy and how he makes money off of social media. … Read More

KarADshian workshop

We hosted a workshop where we challenged participants to reflect on Instagram advertising with a case study on Kim Kardashian鈥檚 influencer empire.… Read More

Inside the early days of the selfie museum

Eva van Boxtel revisits her 2018 film shot in one of Europe’s first selfie museums.… Read More

We are looking for a (production) intern!

Online culture is an extraordinary outlet for strange subcultures, experimental projects, network solidarity, and an absurdly large library of obscure knowledge and specialised resources. Our activities contribute to a betterRead More

The Hmm Hybrids 2: The Power of the Chat

The chat is the place online where interaction takes place. It’s an essential part of livestreamed events, and maybe even our internet experience in general. When those of us who grewRead More


How can a lighter internet be more accessible and sustainable?… Read More

Can Blockchain Contribute to a Lighter Internet?

Saratu Abiola researches if the blockchain can make the internet more inclusive.… Read More

Saratu Abiola is a Masters Student in the University of Amsterdam鈥檚 New Media and Digital Cultures program. Before her Masters, she lived in Nigeria where her advocacy work covered in agricultural policy, climate Justice and women鈥檚 rights. She is also a freelance writer, and has been published at Open Democracy, Quartz Africa, Guardian Nigeria newspaper, among other places. Her areas of interest include digital activism, big data and social media platforms.