The Hmm @ De Ruimte

This month we’re diving into bodycams, body politics, augmenting your body and more. We’re touching down at De Ruimte, one of the finest establishments of Amsterdam Noord. Scroll down toRead More

Before you were here

An essay by Menso Heus. Menso scoured the archives of wwwtext. org and to show that many of today’s most divisive topics were already being actively debated decades before.… Read More

About Menso: Menso left school for a career as a technologist. After working with, among others, XS4ALL and Free Press Unlimited, he is currently head of technology at Keezel, a privacy focussed organisation that builds the Keezel VPN router. Menso has been writing about hacking, security, human rights and mass surveillance since 1998, for publications such as Net Magazine, Parool and the Volkskrant. Find Menso on Twitter.