AI and the Changing Landscape of Work

In this interview with Babusi Nyoni we talk about how AI is changing the landscape of labour. … Read More


The metaverse is on everyone’s minds, but what kind of metaverse do we really want to bring into being? … Read More

Architectures to Host the Metaverse: An interview with Marina Otero Verzier

Margarita Osipian interviews Marina Otero Verzier about how we can reimagine the metaverse, it’s architectural underpinnings, and it’s potentialities.… Read More

Language Processing: An AI generated glossary for the metaverse

An AI-generated glossary that unpacks all the metaverse-esque terminology in our digital vocabulary. … Read More

The Hmm Hybrids 2: The Power of the Chat

The chat is the place online where interaction takes place. It’s an essential part of livestreamed events, and maybe even our internet experience in general. When those of us who grewRead More

The Power of the Poor Image

Margarita Osipian shares eight inspiring works from the Small File Media Festival—showing the beauty of the tiny image. … Read More

The Hmm Hybrids 1: The Joy of Getting Ready 

If we visit a physical event, we buy a ticket well in advance, dress up for the occasion, and maybe even meet up with a friend for something to eat. We cycle, drive, andRead More


The pandemic shifted and re-shaped our societies, but what impact did it have on the monopolisation of Big Tech? … Read More

Humour in Pandemic Times

In this image contribution, Giselinde Kuipers and Mark Boukes trace the global humour cycle of the pandemic through memes.… Read More

Giselinde Kuipers is a professor of sociology at the KU Leuven in Belgium. She is a cultural and comparative sociologist who studies the social shaping of cultural standards in today’s increasingly globalized fields and societies.

Mark Boukes is an Associate Professor of Corporate Communication in the Department of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam.

Giselinde and Mark, together with an international team of humour researchers, are studying humour in times of Covid.


What are the causes and impacts of the domination of US tech companies around the world?… Read More

An imperfect digital world

Multidisciplinary artist Ibiye Camp shares her work ‘Data, the New Black Gold’ which explores how data has materialised in the West African landscape.… Read More

A seat at the table

Margarita Osipian interviews Neema Iyer about gender, equitable internet access, and how to improve data governance across African countries.… Read More

Learning to listen

A collection of ‘must listen’ podcasts on digital colonialism. … Read More

Embracing Constraint

Margarita Osipian interviews Soyun Park on her creative use of Big Tech tools. … Read More

Korean makeup tutorial

Soyun Park creates a Korean makeup tutorial with a twist. … Read More

Soyun Park is a multidisciplinary artist and designer living in The Hague. She is also a founder of RGBdog, a studio bridging technology, and sound with visual arts. Park is interested in the question of how technology influences human functioning, from the individual level (physical movement and relationships) to the social level (architecture and politics). Often in collaboration with sound artists, her work takes the shape of videos, installations, and audiovisual performances. By making use of new media and technology, Park’s work investigates the border between the digital world and reality, which is getting thinner every day.

Reclaiming Power

A list of artists that move outside of the typical use of a certain platforms.… Read More

The Great American Meme Off – Democrats vs. Trumpists on TikTok

Josephine Oettle exploring how the 2020 US elections shaped the new meme war on TikTok. … Read More

Josephine Oettle is a freelance writer and communication specialist, who completed her master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam in 2020. As a researcher in new media and digital culture, she specializes on TikTok, popular & youth culture and (political) subcultures online.

Perfect Sync: Mapping TikToks through video collage

Sjef van Beers creating video collages to map the world of TikTok. … Read More

Sjef van Beers is an artist whose work focuses on technology and the internet. He looks for loopholes in the digital media we use on a daily basis to dissect and rearrange them. 

Going Public: How we can get off Facebook and control our own data

Margarita Osipian interviews Joel Galvez to talk about the power of public data and creating distributed event calendars.… Read More

Asymmetrical Power: The intransparency of the Dutch Police

In this interview with Jair Schalkwijk and Naomi Appelman, we try to bring some transparency to the use of facial recognition technologies in law enforcement. … Read More