The Hmm @ VondelCS

On Wednesday December 4th we’re thrilled to be hosted by VondelCS, with interactive artist and designer Klasien van de Zandschulp helping us put together a unique program.

Generative Pre-trained Transforming life and work

What can we do with ChatGPT? The internet seems flooded with possibilities. We asked a few (anonymous) users how they have benefitted from this latest digital tool.… Read More

Internet in 鈥渢he rest of the world鈥

When things are written about internet culture, especially when written in English, it is often about trends, platforms or tools that are used and developed in North America or Europe. In this article Lilian Stolk explores the internet in “the rest of the world”.… Read More

Resisting Algorithmic Colonialism

A list of initiatives that are developing tools specifically for the African continent or raise awareness of the adoption of Western technologies.… Read More

If deepfakes are a threat, this is it: A feminist perspective on the impact of deepfake pornography.

An essay providing a feminist perfective on deepfake porn by Lilian Stolk. What is the impact of deepfake porn on the position of women?… Read More