The Hmm @ VondelCS

On Wednesday December 4th we’re thrilled to be hosted by VondelCS, with interactive artist and designer Klasien van de Zandschulp helping us put together a unique program.

Generative Pre-trained Transforming life and work

What can we do with ChatGPT? The internet seems flooded with possibilities. We asked a few (anonymous) users how they have benefitted from this latest digital tool.… Read More

The Hmm @ Brakke Grond

On Wednesday November 28 game expert Alessandra van Otterlo is helping us put together a surprising program. We’re being hosted by the Brakke Grond for a new The Hmm. JoinRead More

The Power of the Poor Image

Margarita Osipian shares eight inspiring works from the Small File Media Festival鈥攕howing the beauty of the tiny image. … Read More

Resisting Algorithmic Colonialism

A list of initiatives that are developing tools specifically for the African continent or raise awareness of the adoption of Western technologies.… Read More

An Entangled History: Porn, technology, and the future of deepfakes

An essay by Margarita Osipian about whether the entangled history between porn and emerging technologies gives us a glimpse into the future of deepfakes. … Read More