The Hmm IN Quarantine

In this time of quarantine we’re Zoom’ing with our colleagues, FaceTiming with friends and family, and binge-watching all the Netflix series’. Our entire social life has become virtual. It seemsRead More

Generative Pre-trained Transforming life and work

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The rules for influencers in the updated Media Act

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Behind the scenes of the creator economy with Cesar Majorana

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Online fandom: a troubled history

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Perfect Sync: Mapping TikToks through video collage

Sjef van Beers creating video collages to map the world of TikTok. … Read More

Sjef van Beers is an artist whose work focuses on technology and the internet. He looks for loopholes in the digital media we use on a daily basis to dissect and rearrange them. 

Jitsi? Zoom? Twitch? We set out to find the best platform for online cultural events.

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Bored in the House: self-isolation on TikTok

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These are the images you have to see in May 2019

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