The Hmm ON deepfakes

Are deepfakes the newest weapon for spreading fake news? Or is it just harmless fun? Deepfake videos, in which two realities are morphed together, are increasingly circulating on the internet.Read More

The Hmm @ NDSM Fuse

On Wednesday June 26, NDSM Fuse is hosting our last edition of The Hmm before the summer ☀️ and Femke Dekker is helping us put together an exciting program withRead More

A future scenario for deepfakes: personalised synthetic advertising

An image contribution by Lenka Hamosova.… Read More

Lenka is a design researcher and lecturer based in Prague. In her critical design practice, she embraces fiction and speculative approach in tackling ethical issues of the latest technological advancements and envisions the future scenarios of AI-generated synthetic media, transparency of visual communication and visual perception in the post-truth era. She regularly writes and lectures on the frictions in visual culture, design and architecture, organizes workshops and participates in several educational programmes. From 2020 she’s teaching Speculative Design at MA Future Design, Prague College.

Looking back at The Hmm ON deepfakes: Should we be worried about this technology?

What did we learn from The Hmm ON deepfakes on 17 June 2020?… Read More