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6 December, 20:00 CET

Ask Us Anything: Hotline on AI Advice

What data is being used to train ChatGPT? Is AI really coming for your job? And how does DALL·E know how to paint? The Hmm Hotline is here, to answer all your questions, speculations, or anxieties regarding AI. Join us during our live radio show, where a panel of experts—from artists to philosophers to researchers—will answer all your questions live. Can’t wait to share your worries, dreams, or contemplations about artificial intelligence? Then call our hotline and leave us an anonymous voice message during the weeks leading up to the live radio show.

As waves of developments in artificial intelligence keep washing over us it can be hard to keep up. And since AI technologies are often presented as untransparent “black boxes”, and generate what can feel like ‘magic’ results, they can leave us with many questions. That’s why The Hmm is organising this online radio show and call-in hotline. To demystify AI, a number of guests will answer your burning questions on this complex, contentious, and exciting topic. You can join in person at the PickUp Club, or listen online via our livestream website.

More info on the speakers will follow soon!

In tandem with this event The Hmm is also organising the workshop “Meet Your Stochastic Sloth” in the afternoon. Together with artist and researcher Martijn van Boven, we will dive into the use of artificial language as an artistic toolset. Find more info here.

🗓 Date: Wednesday 6 December, 2023
📍 Location: PickUp Club, NDSM plein 79, 1033 WC, Amsterdam

⏰ Doors open: 7:30PM CET
🕗 Program starts: 8PM CET
🎟 Tickets: on-site €8,- / on-site student discount €5,- / online livestream €5

♿️ Accessibility Note
During the event we can provide live closed captioning for those with hearing impairment. Please reach out to us if you are joining onsite and have this access need, so we can reserve a seat for you within view of the screen. If you are joining online via our livestream, live captioning will be available as one of the streaming modes.

💜 This event is kindly supported by the Creative Industry Fund and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.


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