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23 June, 20:00 CEST

The Hmm @ Online Events

Over a year ago, when events, exhibitions, and performances suddenly had to take place in online spaces, their infrastructures had hardly been developed for this. In the early pandemic, most of the platforms that were used to socialise with each other or to host events were originally intended for business meeting purposes. With the effect being that attending cultural events felt like a similar experience to being in a business meeting, and leading to us spending hours and hours behind our screens. A recent research paper from Stanford University shows that Zoom fatigue is real. Video chats are much heavier for our brains to process than regular face-to-face interactions or phone calls.

How can we combat this Zoom fatigue? Over the last year, artists and cultural institutions have been thinking about the best way to translate their activities to the internet. We have seen all kinds of new platforms emerge and experienced a lot of experimental events. With The Hmm, we also explored the possibilities of the online realm. Tonight we’re giving you a lay of the land. We’ve invited 8 artists, cultural organisations and developers to our very own livestream, to talk about the platforms they’ve built, the events they’ve organised, and how they’ve translated their programs to the online realm.


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