The Hmm @ Beeld en Geluid
Fri 11 October

Doors 19:30 Start 20:00

On Friday October 11th we are excited to be partnering with Beeld en Geluid to put on a special edition of The Hmm during their Dutch Media Week programming. Together we’ve selected 9 impressive speakers that explore visual culture in all its shapes and sizes, to put together an evening at the intersections between archiving, the internet, and digital culture.


Anne Bras
Anne is a game collector, archiver, historian, designer and (most importantly) gamer! He holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of boxed PC games. His collection of 1,832 games has spurred a lot of interesting questions and during The Hmm he’ll be giving us some answers on everything from his first game to his rarest and most favourite games. Link

Elki Boerdam & Rachel Sellem
How do personal referential image archives become part of the working process of artists and designers? Elki, an image researcher, and Rachel deal with this question in their research project The Input Party. For The Hmm they’ll be talking about the Input Party method—using and discussing images from personal archives to relate to the artist’s association and visual expression. Link

Jill Louise Verweijen
Jill is an artist, photographer and video maker who loves to stage news related stories as an absurd and humorous alternative reality. She does this to show the frustration and fascination she has towards these trending topics. For The Hmm, Jill will be talking about her graduation work #RIP which deals with contemporary e-culture, identity as a personal construction, and the rituals of death as the last moment of fame. Link

Ioana Stanescu
With an interest in memes, digital folklore, and popular culture, Ioana is a part-time internet explorer and lecturer at St.Joost Academy. She’ll be joining us for The Hmm to talk about the internet as an entity. Link

Marieke Kuypers
Marieke is a web editor who has been obsessed with the internet and its many facets and subcultures for a very long time, sharing some of the gems she finds on the VPRO Koos app. An avid player of Stardew Valley and a former Farmville fanatic, Marieke will talk about virtual gardening/digital farming and why it is so relaxing and (still) popular. Link

Priya Mistry and Anastasia Umpeleva
Content creators online can make money from documenting every detail of their lives, accumulating millions of subscribers to listen to their stories. Just like they share the highlights of their relationship, the ending of these romances are similarly documented. Anastasia and Priya, two graphic design students who bonded over their mutual love of Eurovision, will join us for The Hmm to talk about their desktop documentary ‘The Breakup Business. They trawled the internet for breakup material and will be sharing their five favourite online break-ups and five of the most interesting break-up services they have seen so far. Link & Link

Thomas Smits
How can historians use new Computer Vision techniques in their work? Thomas is a researcher studying how images shape the memory of activism and memory in activism, as well as looking into how we can apply computer vision techniques to large databases of historical images. For The Hmm he’ll be showing how he uses facial detection to study the representation of gender in a collection of 1.000.000 advertisements extracted from the NRC Handelsblad between 1950-1995. Link

Nora Welgraven
In her work, Nora Welgraven (aka Yung Nora) uses humour and absurdism to deal with expectations, clichés, and stereotyping in society. She rejects political correctness and creates a character that tries to free themselves from the norm of being a woman and the cultural prejudices and stereotypes that come with it. For her talk at The Hmm, Nora will be speaking about her graduation work, which encompasses her alter ego, her album, and her videos. Link

Lisanne Maatman
Remember FaceApp? The app that everybody spoke about last summer? First it was awesome, but didn’t took long before media and tech experts found out that this app really violated our privacy. But is that indeed the case? Lisanne, who works as an consultant for Dept and advices companies about their digital data, will tell us the answer!

Date: Friday October 11
Time: Doors open at 19:30, we start at 20:00
Location: Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Media Parkboulevard 1, Hilversum
Tickets: €8 / €6 for students